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music for all ages in Costa Mesa, CA

New Day Music Studios was formed in 2002 as an outgrowth of New Day Productions, a music performance company, to fill the need of private music instruction using qualified music specialists. We combine state of the art studios and equipment with time-proven traditional teaching concepts. With this combination, New Day Music Studios achieves a high level of student success while continuing to optimize teaching skills and methods.

Our Instructors

Donna wicks
piano, voice, early childhood
Len wicks
brass, woodwinds, guitar
Darin Drake
piano, woodwinds
Nathan Fulmizi
brass, woodwinds, guitar

Our Specialties

New Day Music Studios offers a one-on-one student teacher ratio with qualified music specialists. Instruction is geared to the individual musical and technical needs of each student.

New Day Music Studios offers two formal solo recitals per year plus various informal workshops further focusing on specific areas of performance and development in our students.

Our Policy Statement

New Day Music Studios is dedicated to providing continuous music education through an environment that nurtures creative learning. There will be times when lessons will need to be rescheduled by students. When this occurs, we offer the following options:

Lesson Make Up Policy

Please follow the procedures below when music lessons must be rescheduled.

Less Than 24 Hours Before Scheduled Lesson

Illness or family emergency-please call the studio the evening before or as early as possible on the day of the lesson to give the teacher an opportunity to reschedule his/her time.

More Than 24 Hours Before Scheduled Lesson

For Doctor/dentist appointments, vacations/trips, and other special events, please schedule appointments around the lesson time, if at all possible. Please call the studio ahead to make arrangements with your teacher.

Make Up Times

The studio will contact you within 48 hours with possible make-up lesson times. Continuity in music education is very important to the success of each student. We feel it is important to offer make-up lessons to keep learning consistent.

Missed Lessons that will not be Offered a Make Up and will be Charged to the Student's Account

Lessons that are missed for any reason (excluding illness or family emergency) in which the studio is not notified at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. The teachers' time is valuable and your cooperation is appreciated.

Teacher Absence

If a teacher needs to cancel a lesson, the studio will contact you to reschedule the lesson.

Fifth Lesson Policy

The lesson fees are based on four weekly lessons per month and are due on the first day of each month. Four extra lessons occur each year that are not reflected in the monthly fee. In lieu of charging for the extra lessons, the studio will bank them and use them to observe four holiday weeks. The four weeks will be scheduled during Spring, Summer, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
Great place to take vocal lessons. Both my 14-year-old son (at OCSA) and I study with Ms. Donna. She really teaches proper "classical" technique, posture, exercises, voice preservation, projection, etc. Any type of vocalist would benefit from this type of training - classical, choir, musical theatre, pop, etc.
- Alexandra J.

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